About Jura Security

Jura Security provides organizations with market leading cyber security solutions.

Our Mission

Jura Security was built on the idea that businesses need stability, reliability and trust when looking for a security solution.

Our team consists of cyber security experts with decades of specialized experience protecting organizations and teams from cyber threats.

Why Jura Security?


We have partnered with the world’s most powerful cyber security vendors. This means that we can offer our customers the best security services on the market, with proven, powerful, enterprise-grade solutions for all types of customer.

We take a consultative approach, working with our customers to identify their unique needs and provide them the right solution. Our specialized team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of the solutions we offer, meaning we get you the right solution and the best possible support.

Meet the Team

Craig MacAlpine

Craig MacAlpine


Craig MacAlpine is Co-Founder and CEO of Jura Security. Prior to Jura Security, Craig founded a number of other cyber security companies, including the email security company EPA Cloud (Acquired by J2 Global, NASDAQ:JCOM, in 2013). Craig is a passionate security innovator with over 20+ years’ experience in Information Security and Product Management. His goal is to bring outstanding service and technology to IT departments.

Dean Prescott

Dean Prescott

Sales Director

Dean is Co-Founder and Sales Director of Jura Security. Dean has 20 years in technical sales and client satisfaction, with a passion for cloud technology in consultative sales, built on relationships and putting the customer first. Experienced with working from SMB to large multi-national clients with extensive travel experience. Holds a BSc in Computer Science.



Off the Western Coast of Scotland lies the Isle of Jura. The impressive history, and geography of these islands, surrounded by dangerous waters, were the inspiration for the name Jura Security.

The islands are steeped in history. In the 16th century, the island became a stronghold for the Scottish against attack. The Lord of the Isles created a Fortress on the Isle and used the impenetrable waters to protect Scotland from invaders. Jura Security continues this tradition, helping businesses and organizations stay secure against threats, with impenetrable cyber defences.

In more recent history, the Islands are famous for being the place where George Orwell finished 1984. Written in gloomy seclusion, in a farmhouse built on a 15th century settlement, Orwell’s masterpiece explores a repressive government regime and a population facing total surveillance. Jura Security takes this novel as inspiration to protect the privacy and security of organizations all over the world.