An Easy Way to Help Your Customers Stop Phishing Attacks

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Strong Email Security paired with effective Security Awareness Training and Post-Delivery Protection allows MSPs and VARs to easily protect their clients against phishing attacks. Here’s how:

As a Service Provider, you already know that the number one issue customers need an easy fix for is phishing attacks. The problem is, you already provide them with endpoint security, backups, maybe even a Secure Email Gateway solution – and the attacks just keep coming.

Technology can only go so far in stopping phishing attacks, for a simple reason. Unlike most threats, like ransomware or viruses, phishing attacks don’t prey on technological weaknesses in business security infrastructure. Instead, they target the human layer of the organization.

Phishing attacks target people, not technology. They use social engineering to try and trick your customers into giving them account credentials or making unauthorized payments. Because of this, technological solutions struggle to block these attacks. 

How can an email security solution detect a phishing email when it doesn’t contain any malicious content? How can a web security solution stop people inputting their bank details on a fake website, when the URL isn’t categorized as being harmful? 

The answer to this question, and how you can protect your clients from phishing attacks, is actually very simple. It’s a multi-layered security approach.

Multi-Layered Email Security 

A multi-layered email security approach ensures that your customers have strong technological defences in place, both at the email gateway and within the email inbox, and at the human layer, with training elements to ensure that they are able to spot and detect security threats

These are the layers you need in place to easily protect customers from phishing attacks:

Secure Email Gateway:

This is the absolutely crucial, base layer of security that your customers need. The Secure Email Gateway stops malicious email from entering your business networks, by detecting spam, malicious email content and malicious URLs. 

For the best Secure Email Gateway solution, we recommend Proofpoint Essentials. Proofpoint provides enterprise grade protection, aimed at small and midsized businesses. It stops malware, ransomware, viruses and spam, with granular admin control and cloud deployment and installation.

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Post-Delivery Protection:

The next step is protection within your email inbox. This provides protection against phishing attacks by allowing users to report phishing emails and giving admins the ability to remove phishing emails from inboxes, even if they have already been delivered.

IRONSCALES is by far the best vendor in this area. IRONSCALES protects users from advanced email threats, from inside the email inbox. IRONSCALES provides admins the easily monitor and remove Business Email Compromise attempts, spear-phishing and insider threats, alongside displaying warnings to end-users on suspicious emails.

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Security Awareness Training:

Security Awareness Training is a crucial element of blocking phishing attacks. Security Awareness Training involves testing employees with simulated phishing emails, and then training them with materials designed to promote better security practices. This addresses the human element of phishing attacks, which cannot be mitigated with technology alone. 

IRONSCALES provides IRONSCHOOL, a comprehensive Security Awareness Training solution, which integrates perfectly with their phishing protection platform, using one single admin console to manage all policies and training materials. IRONSCALES allows businesses to set up fully customizable simulated phishing campaigns and provides effective and engaging training materials to help users to spot phishing attacks.

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The top layer of protection against phishing attacks is Isolation. Isolation takes a whole new approach to tackling the phishing problem, by isolating the threat entirely away from users. This means that any malware or dangerous content from an email URL, or document attachment, is opened in isolation, removing any threats, without impacting the end user experience. 

Menlo Security is the market leading Isolation provider. Menlo isolates all web, email and downloaded documents, providing users with a completely safe and clean render, without impacting on the user experience. Most users of Menlo don’t even know that their browsing is being isolated. Menlo provides a ‘read-only’ mode, which when set by admins, means that users cannot input text on unknown or malicious web pages. This prevents credential theft when users visit fraudulent websites from a phishing attack.

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Securing Your Customers

Using one of more of these security layers, MSPs and VARs can easily provide comprehensive protection for their users against phishing attacks.

Getting set-up with these solutions doesn’t have to be complicated. Jura Security can help set you up to test any of these solutions in minutes.

We offer competitive pricing on market leading solutions, comprehensive 24/7 support, and a free 30-day trial on all of the products we distribute.

MSPs and Resellers benefit from a free 50-user NFR license, so that they can deploy and use Proofpoint, IRONSCALES and Menlo at no cost. 

To find out more about our solutions, get in touch today, or sign up to become a Jura Security Partner. 

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