How Menlo Security’s Cloud Security Platform Can Protect Your Business

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Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform Can Fully Protect Your Business From Threats. Here’s how: 

Isolation technology holds the promise of perfect security.

“Yeah – right!” You’re probably thinking. But it’s true. The Isolation approach removes threats from user’s endpoints entirely, similarly to the old style of ‘air-gapping’ or using one computer for online browsing and another for working locally. 

Isolation takes unsafe web and email content, strips it of anything harmful, and delivers that safe render to the user. This means that web-based threats like malicious downloads, viruses and phishing attacks are completely isolated away from the desktop. Crucially, the end user shouldn’t even know that Isolation is taking place, as it doesn’t impact their browsing activity whatsoever. 

The leading vendor in the Isolation market is Menlo Security. Their Isolation platform is trusted by enterprises, MSPs and small businesses all over the world to eliminate web based threats. 

This article will cover the benefits of Menlo Security’s cloud security platform and how Menlo can protect your business, or your customers.

What Makes Menlo Security Different – The Zero Trust Model

Menlo has taken a new approach when it comes to web and email security. Their platform is based on the idea that the traditional way of classifying websites as good or bad, and then allowing or blocking access, is fundamentally a losing battle.

 The reason for this is that unknown or unclassified websites present too much of an issue. Do you allow users to access these websites, and potentially open them up to threats? Or do you block them, and cause your user to become frustrated that they cannot access a page they need to, and open a support ticket?

Isolation solves this challenge, by rendering a safe version of the page to users, allowing them to stay productive, but protecting them from any threats. The same principles apply to documents, folders and email attachments and URLS. They are all opened in Isolation, so that users can continue to work as normal, while being totally protected from threats.

Menlo also provides granular admin controls and some unique features to further protect users against threats. This includes the ability to set ‘read-only’ modes, so when a user visits an unsafe website, they are unable to enter any information or upload any files, helping to prevent credential theft and data loss.

Benefits of Menlo Security 

Reduction of Web-Based Threats

Menlo prevents the delivery of active code to the user’s local browser, which means it stops web-based infections from reaching the user itself. Isolating Browsing activity prevents ransomware and malvertising (malicious adverts) that infects large numbers of popular websites regularly.

Prevents Phishing Attacks

Menlo can help organizations mitigate the risks coming from phishing attacks. If a user were to click on a link to an unsafe website, the web page displayed would only show safe elements, to protect against any threats. Admins can also set the page to be ‘read-only’ which prevent users’ from inputting their personal details or passwords. Any documents attached to a phishing email, such as a ZIP file containing ransomware, would be safely rendered to users, isolating any threats.

 Reduces Web Security Burden on Admins

Menlo’s isolation streamlines web security for admins. Their Isolation platform removes 97% of web traffic which comes from 3rd party sites that are delivered via JavaScript on the page requested by the user. This means that admins have far less web based alerts to review and enables admins to spend more time on other attack vectors.

Protects against Malicious Downloads

Menlo renders safe versions of downloaded documents to users, isolating them from any threats they may contain. Menlo’s ACR technology renders documents in much the same way that it renders web pages, with any vulnerabilities removed from the user. Users still access a rendered version of the document however and can request to download the original file to their endpoint if they need to edit it. Using anti-virus scanning engines, Menlo will then determine if the original document is safe, helping to ensure users are always fully protected.

Provides a Seamless User Experience

Menlo Security provides a seamless user experience. Users experience no latency, can continue to use all their normal browser controls such as copy, paste and print, and can continue to consume web content as they normally would. Menlo helps to keep businesses productive without compromising security, as employees can access downloaded documents, even from unknown sources, without having to worry about malware or ransomware.

Affordable and Scalable

Menlo Security takes a ‘containerized’ approach to Browser Isolation. This is generally regarded as the most scalable, lightweight and affordable approach to browser isolation. It means that their remote servers only need to emulate the operating system and the browser to provide a rendered webpage to users, rather than needing to emulate the whole desktop and operating system, which has a far greater overhead.


If you want to find out more about Menlo Security, including pricing information, or want to get started with a free trial, get in touch with one of Jura Security’s MSP and Reseller team. We can offer competitive pricing and a free 30 day trial of the service.

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