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Why switching from Symantec Email Security.Cloud (Formally MessageLabs) is a good idea for your business

Why switching from Symantec Security.Cloud (formally MessageLabs) to Proofpoint Essentials is a good idea for your business.

MessageLabs was a popular choice for email security back in the mid-2000s, before it was sold to Symantec. Since then the platform has kept ticking along, but has largely stagnated, and focussed more on its’ enterprise customers than it’s MSP and SMB core audience.

Now, with news breaking of Symantec themselves being acquired by Broadcom, the MessageLabs/Email Security.Cloud platform faces another major upheaval, and customers should expect pricing increases, support ticket delays and new developments put on hold. Already, industry experts are warning customers about the potential issues this acquisition will cause:

Users themselves over at Reddit have also expressed their concern, with users already saying they’re planning to ‘jump ship’ for both email and endpoint protection. 

Email remains the number one threat to organizations and strong email security is absolutely crucial to stop attacks like phishing, spam and ransomware. Businesses, especially small and midsized organizations, cannot afford to have a weak solution, or a vendor that will change pricing structure and functionality.

Broadcom’s purchase of Symantec will lead to a massive drop in investment in email security, and $1Bbn worth of cuts to R7D and development have already been announced, which will lead to Symantec’s current customer with reduced support, end-of-life protects and a technology on it’s last legs.

This slide from Broadcom’s recent investor meeting tells you everything you need to know. Broadcom will focus on three key franchises, with no mention of email security at all. They’re focussing all of their efforts on endpoint, web and data-loss prevention, which leaves email security taking the brunt of their spending cuts. They’re also admitting their key customers are global 2000 companies, which will likely grate with their smaller customers, who seem to be left behind.

So, as a Symantec customer, what should you do? They key to successfully moving away from Symantec is finding a strong email security provider that’s investing in their solution, with a focus on smaller businesses that need strong solutions and expert, personalized customer support, with archiving, continuity and encryption. That’s where Proofpoint comes in.

Proofpoint Makes Switching Away from Symantec/MessageLabs Simple

Proofpoint Essentials is a market leading Email Security solution, which is more cost-effective and fully featured than Symantec. This makes it an ideal option for customers that are considering moving away from the Symantec platform.

Proofpoint Essentials provides a range of security services, that replace all of Symantec’s legacy features including:

  • Multi-Level Email Threat Protection: Proofpoint provides industry leading protection against targeted attacks, ransomware, malicious attachments, malicious websites, BEC and other unwanted mail.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Proofpoint’s URL and Attachment sandboxing provides protection against advanced attacks such as phishing and spear-phishing.
  • Continuity: Essentials protects users from impact of email outages. It allows users to access their email archive, and replay emails that have lost or accidentally deleted.
  • Email Archive: Proofpoint Essentials offers a fully features 10-year email archive, to retain emails for compliance and regulatory reasons.
  • Management: Essentials provides multiple management features to help you use the service, including multi-level logins, comprehensive logs and reporting, and integrations.

Why You Should Switch From Symantec Email Security.Cloud/MessageLabs to Proofpoint Essentials

Beyond security, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited about moving from Symantec to Proofpoint.

Market Leading Email Protection

As Symantec is cutting R&D for its email security service, Proofpoint is investing more into its research into new threats any the most effective ways of stopping them. Because of this, studies show Proofpoint Essentials has a higher spam detection rate than Symantec, a higher accuracy rating, and a higher overall protection rating.

Superior Customer Service

Proofpoint is focussed on delivery excellent customers service for their users, with dedicated support channels and global partners to help small businesses and MSP customers to deal with issues. As Symantec cuts back on its’ support costs to focus on Global 2000 companies, Proofpoint continues to invest heavily in its’ customers and their support needs.

Easier to Use and More Customer Friendly 

Customers making the switch from Symantec consistently tell us that the operating system is clunky, outdated and slow. It’s ‘slow’ and ‘not responsive’ and ‘some features aren’t as modern as some of the other products out there, like Proofpoint.’ These aren’t our words, but from customers themselves. Proofpoint Essentials has a modern, accessible admin console and user interface, that makes it easy for admins to set policies, and allows users to easily access continuity features and their own email archive.

Interested in getting started with Proofpoint Essentials? 

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