Why You Need Strong Email Security for Office 365 and G-Suite

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Blog

More and more businesses are moving to cloud based email security providers such as Office 365 and G-Suite. Cloud based platforms makes it much easier for businesses to work, collaborate and create.

However, as businesses move to new cloud based solutions, hackers have taken notice. Emails continue to be the biggest source of data breaches against companies, and Office 365 and G-Suite simply don’t offer the security needed to stop sophisticated threats. As a result, businesses are at risk in the cloud. This means that businesses can no longer rely on third party email security solutions designed to protect against on-premise email systems, and instead they must move to cloud based email security technologies.

This article will cover the risks associated with Office 365, and how Jura Security can businesses stop them.

Email is the Number One Source of Cyber Attacks

Email is the number one source of threats to businesses using cloud based providers. According to the IDC, 80% of cyber-attacks begin with an email attack. Creation of email malware and ransomware is up 26% year-on-year, which can put your entire business network at risk. Viruses, malware and spam still represents a large threat to your employees, as for all of their benefits, Office 365 and G-Suite can’t mitigate against these threats on their own. Without real-time protection against these threats, attackers can use email attacks to infect devices and compromise accounts.

Phishing Attacks Are On The Rise

Methods of email attacks are also growing more sophisticated and advanced. Data from IRONSCALES shows that 95% of email phishing attacks were highly targeted campaigns, with the majority of threats impersonating internal communications teams or individuals. 

Phishing attacks are by far the biggest type of attack facing organizations using Office 365 and G-Suite. Phishing attacks have grown 65% over the last year and they represent a significant threat to businesses. They attempt to trick users into giving away account details by impersonating trusted accounts or contacts. Office 365 and G-Suite users have also seen a rise in Spear Phishing and CEO attacks.

If an attacker is able to successfully impersonate a trusted business supplier, or a C-level employee, they are likely to be able to successfully invoice other employees for fraudulent business expenses. Cloud based apps such as Office 365 and G-Suite have no inbuilt protection against phishing attacks. Because of this, businesses need an extra layer of security, that can remove phishing attacks from inboxes automatically.

Office 365 and G-Suite are Key Targets

Microsoft Office 365 is the most adopted email network for businesses, with a 54% market share and 155 million active users. This makes Microsoft a top target for hackers. Successfully breaching O365 gives hackers access to a large amount of company data. Breaching email accounts gives hackers the opportunity to create more convincing phishing attacks and Business Email Compromise attempts, but also allows them to gain access to sensitive business data with SharePoint and OneDrive. This information is a prime target for sophisticated attackers, targeting data with phishing or malware. On it’s own, Office 365 and G-Suite cannot protect businesses from these sophisticated attacks.

Attacks are Costly to Organizations

Successful breaches of Office 365 and G-Suite can be incredibly expensive to organizations. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. Ransomware alone is expected to cost businesses $11.5 billion in 2019. For smaller businesses, the cost of an sophisticated successful attack is often too much to recover form. The cost of an attack is usually vastly underestimated by companies.

Even being hit by quicker attacks facing lower sums of cash can add up for a small business, as the cost to recover money and retroactively secure breached systems add up. Businesses need to restore compromised systems, potentially pursue legal action which results in costs, respond to customer concerns and they will more often then not face additional operational disruption.

As well as the financial cost, businesses can also find themselves taking a reputational hit from a successful phishing attack. Business often get unwelcome attention from embarrassing breaches, and the cost of repairing reputational damage can be huge.

Jura Security Provides the Protection that Office 365 Lacks

Jura Security offers a complete package for email security threats, which adds an additional layer of protection against threats like phishing, spam and malware, which Office 365 just isn’t powerful enough to stop. Using Jura Security and Office 365 together provides all the protection your business needs with our robust security features.

Eliminate Phishing Attacks

Using Office 365 for emails offers business improved productivity, convenience and collaboration. Jura Security offers a complete package for email security threats, which adds an additional layer of protection against threats like phishing, spam and malware, which Office 365 just isn’t powerful enough to stop. Using Jura Security and Office 365 together provides all the protection your business needs with our robust security features. 

Using IRONSCALES, Jura Security can offer full protection against phishing attacks. IRONSCALES automates the remediation of phishing emails, allows admins to remove phishing emails already in the user inbox, and provides security awareness training to users.

Within Office 365, G-Suite or Exchange, IRONSCALES allows users to report phishing emails with their ‘Report Phishing’ button.

When a user reports an email as malicious, IRONSCALES by default shows warnings to everyone who received the same email that the message is potentially harmful. This warning applies when emails have been reported by your users, or by users in other companies.

Say Goodbye to Spam 

Spam and malicious emails remain a security threat and productivity drain for O365 users. Spam emails can very easily pass through Office 365’s security filters. Jura security blocks spam at the gateway, stopping nuisance emails from making it into any users inboxes and automatically quarantining harmful emails. This reduces the strain on IT departments and keeps businesses running smoothly and securely.

No More Ransomware and Malware

Ransomware, viruses and malware can severely harm businesses, causing data to be lost or destroyed. Emails with malicious attachments that aim to compromise computers or networks can easily make it through the security gaps in O365. Jura Security exposes hard-to-find viruses in real-time using sandbox engines, then automatically quarantines suspicious emails to ensure comprehensive protection from ransomware and malware.


Despite the overall benefits that organizations gain from moving to cloud based email networks, there are important security risks that need to be considered.

Jura Security can help your organization today by:

  • Identifying the solution that will solve your security problem
  • Providing free product demos and quotes
  • Setting you up with a free Proof of Concept, and deploying the service across your organization
  • Providing you a named account manager, and 24/7 support

To get started, speak to a Jura Security Expert Today. 


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