Jura Security Launches Free Phishing Security Tools

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Company News, Resources

Jura Security, a provider of the top cyber security solutions for small and midsized businesses, has launched two new free tools that help organizations combat phishing attacks against their employees.

Using IRONSCALES’ advanced email protection platform, Jura Security offer businesses complimentary tools that allow them to discover how at risk they are to phishing attacks, and to carry out simulated phishing campaigns to test employees.

Jura Security’s Phishing Security Test allows admins to set up simulated phishing emails. These campaigns allow them to test how effectively their employees can spot phishing email attacks. Testing employees can help businesses to determine how crucial it is that they have an effective phishing protection solution in place, and whether they need security training.

Jura Security’s Email Threat Scan sits within a business email network for two weeks and uses machine learning, AI and computer vision to analyse email communications, attachments and URLS to identify malicious email. It then generates a report on the number of phishing attacks and business email compromise attempts your employees have received. This allows businesses to identify the steps they need to take to protect their email networks.

Studies have shown that over the last year, phishing attacks against small businesses have grown by 65%. Attacks against small businesses are becoming more sophistication, and able to trick even the most sophisticated users into clicking on a malicious link or sharing confidential information.

Jura Security’s Phishing Tests allows organizations to simulate phishing attacks and monitor phishing attacks already within their email networks, helping them to identify how at risk they are from phishing threats.

“Understanding the risks that phishing attacks pose is crucial for your business to start taking steps to protect itself,” said Craig MacAlpine, CEO and Founder of Jura Security. “Testing employees will give you the information you need to decide if you need to implement training to help employees protect themselves and your business. Our Email Threat Scan can help you to better manage the risks within your organization.”

Jura Security offers both of these tools for free. They can be installed here:

Phishing Security Test: https://jurasecurity.com/phishing-test/

Email Threat Scan: https://jurasecurity.com/email-threat-scan/

For more information on Jura Security, the Free Email Threat Scan, or our Phishing Security test, visit https://jurasecurity.com/

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