Jura Security provides comprehensive security solutions to help organizations prepare before an attack, continue to operate smoothly during attacks and recover data after attacks. Stop phishing, malware, and ransomware across your entire network with Jura Security.

What We Offer

Email Security

Jura Email Security stops email threats by filtering malicious email. This includes phishing attacks, ransomware, business email compromise, malware and spam.

Phishing Protection

Jura Security uses machine learning to provide effective and reliable protection from phishing attacks, business email compromise and spear phishing.

Outbound Email Security

Outbound Email Protection solves the human error layer of email threats. It helps organizations to protect employees and sensitive business data from human error, such as accidentally sending emails with sensitive information, or confidential attachments, to the wrong people.

Email Archiving

Jura Email Archiving helps organizations remain legally complaint while protecting both organizations and employees in the case of legal or criminal investigation.

Email Encryption

Jura Email Encryption protects emails that contain sensitive information, attachments and data. Secure emails from compromised accounts and protect private email communications across your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Stop phishing and all other security attacks that prey on human error and identity threats, by testing employees with realistic phishing simulations, and helping them to be more security aware with engaging and fun awareness training.

Web Security

Jura Web Security stops malware, viruses and other web based threats by using DNS to filter malicious websites. Block up to 90% of web based threats, including dangerous phishing websites and malicious downloads.

Browser Isolation

Jura Browser Isolation eliminates web based threats entirely by using cloud based, secure web browsers to isolate all malicious activity – without impacting the end user experience.  

Endpoint Protection

Jura Endpoint Protection secures endpoint devices from zero-day threats, viruses and malware, by scanning and removing threats automatically.  It provides extensive visibility into endpoint and network security.

Dark Web Intelligence

Jura Security Dark Web Intelligence analyses all Deep and Dark Web Content automatically, identifying breaches of your organization’s data such as stolen credentials.

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